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With the ability of combining expertise of both Metals and Poly fabrication,
we are able to custom fabricate a wide range of products to suit your requirements.

Our Capabilities

Metal Capabilities

Metal Capabilities

  • Custom piping, manifolds, strainers and fittings manufactured to customer specifications.
  • Mig and TIG stainless and aluminium welding
  • Rolling, folding and guillotining of sheet and plate
  • Profile cutting to 100mm
  • Steel laser cutting to 12mm Stainless Steel cutting to 6mm
  • Saw cutting to 500mm Dia
  • CNC turning, milling and drilling
Polyethylene Capabilities

Polyethylene Capabilities

  • Fabricated Tees and Bends up to 80mm
  • Butt Welding 63mm - 1000mm
  • Extrusion Welding
  • Sweep Bends:
      • Up to 92 degrees
      • Size range from 32mm - 355mm
      • SDR 21 - SDR 11 available
      • Accurate to 1 degree


Designed to Assist

Do you and your customer have a design concept that you need to bring to life?

Our inhouse Draftsman can work together with you and our Sales Team to create the solution you need.


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